Team owner

Paige Gillespie


Raised in South Carolina, Paige Gillespie comes to The Poinsett Bride after a long, successful career in business and finance.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina and then joining a local public accounting firm in 2009, Paige took her expertise in small business matters and entrepreneurial drive and decided to apply them practically to The Poinsett Bride.

A lover of all things retail and fashion, her goal is to make brides’ dreams come true—every single time.



Meet our team

Meet The Amazing Ladies I Get To Call My Family


Bridal Stylist Manager

 Olivia brings with her a colorful background. She's worked a lot of fun jobs like Salon Manager, Event Planner, and Fashion Model.

 As a Bridal Stylist, she gets to take her NY Fashion Week experience and her love for weddings to create a style that's uniquely yours! When you trust her, she can come up with some crazy, successful ideas & that's the most honorable experience for her.


 As a second-generation Miami native, Annilie grew up in the fashion industry as a professional model and has graced the pages of Vogue and cosmopolitan. In 2019, she decided to move to Greenville as a perfect place to raise her family.

 During the course of her previous career, she was blessed with the opportunity to engage with people from all ages and backgrounds while working with as a skilled on-air talent for a major sports network. She then continued traveling the world as a brand ambassador for a globally renowned watch brand where she led in sales training and marketing. Annilie is also a previous Miss Florida Teen USA and has extensive experience in pageants.



 Hayley moved to South Carolina from Florida in 2018. If it wasn’t for that move she wouldn’t have met her husband and found her love for the wedding world. During Hayley’s own experience as a bride, she was intrigued about the bridal world and wanted to be a part of a bride's journey to finding their dream dress. During her free time, Hayley loves spending time with her family, listening to podcasts, going out for coffee, and hanging with her two pups. Hayley feels finding a wedding gown is such a special moment in a bride's journey and loves being a part of it.


 Kellie has years of experience in the bridal industry and has helped hundreds of brides find their perfect dress! She has a degree in both psychology and business and understands the financial, practical, and emotional pressures of finding the right dress. With a deep love of crafts, fashion, and planning she loves to find unique ways to bring the vision to life with a fun, stress-free shopping experience!

Kara Crocker

Bridal Stylist

 Kara joined The Poinsett Bride because of her love for weddings and fashion. Kara is no stranger to weddings, as she grew up in a family of wedding photographers. In fact, this is how she met her husband!!  Surrounding herself in the joy and excitement of weddings will always be important to her.

Jessica Hood

Jessica Hood

Bridal Stylist

 Jessica was a part of the pageant world in New Jersey as a child. Then gaining a background in the hair and makeup industry later in life plus following her love of crafting and design. She took a chance at applying to her dream job of a bridal stylist when moving to Greenville from Florida with her fiancé Luke and dog Clark. Now being a stylist at The Poinsett Bride she is getting to pursue her dream of helping brides find their wedding dress. Jessica loves hiking into the mountains with a good book. Jessica may have a fashion side, but she also loves all things nerdy from Star Wars to Harry Potter. When you're with her you'll gain a friend while also finding your dress for your big day.


Alterations Manager-Designer

 Dorian is an incredibly skilled dress designer with 30 years of experience. She loves everything about dresses and sewing. She is happiest when our customers are thrilled with the way they look in their new dress.

Luzdary Rivera