4 Reasons You're NOT Finding Your Dream Dress

4 Reasons You're NOT Finding Your Dream Dress

4 Reasons You're NOT Finding Your Dream Dress. Mobile Image

Dec 06, 2018

We’ve all been there. Hundreds of dresses later and you can’t tell the difference between white and ivory or tulle and organza. We hear you, it’s tough, but there’s hope! There are four critical reasons you aren’t finding the dress of your dreams and it all starts with the mindset!

1. Your Bride Tribe is too big.

A supportive group of family and friends is important, but it’s not ok when they are speaking more than you are. Your entourage should be honest but never steer you away from what you want in your heart. Who’s the one person you want to make happiest on your wedding day, you? Your groom? Your dad? Your great grandma Jean? Whoever it is, you must believe that you are picking a dress they will love because they love you. Next time you’re out trying on dresses, set the mood before the fittings begin. “Aunt Barb, I really value your opinion and I’m glad to have you here, but I need your support more than your opinion.”

2. You're too hungry to focus.

You have to be fully equipped for a day of wedding dress shopping! You aren’t looking for a new pair of jeans, this is your wedding day, it’s a little different. We suggest you eat a meal hours before and a light snack before you walk in. Who can work through hunger while trying on tight, abnormal dresses and not get hangry? Not any bride we know! In addition to your research and snacks, bring or wear whatever undergarments and shoes you will wear your wedding day. This will help bring the whole image together and decipher the white dress from your bridal gown. Most importantly, do your make up, curl your hair, look cute. The more confident you are before you try on dresses, the more confident you’ll be in the big poofy dress!

3. You're trying on dresses you would never wear.

Have you ever thought about trying on a dress that you don’t like? Probably not. One of the biggest mistakes brides make is trying on the same style dress over and over again. Whether you only know of that one style or if you’ve wanted it all along, you should try on a few dresses you wouldn’t pick out on your own. Ask your consultant to pick out a dress that they think would be flattering on you. It’s part of their job and often times they don’t get to do it because we think we already know what we want. Always wanted to wear a ball gown? Try a mermaid. Tried on eighteen strapless dresses? Look for a cap sleeve. Expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone, what do you have to lose? You’re just trying it on anyway!

4. You came without a budget.

So here’s the deal, weddings are expensive. Bridal Gowns are expensive and it’s crucial to make your budget before you start looking! If you fall in love with a dress that you know you can’t afford, you won’t be able to think of anything else, including dresses that are in your price range! If you have already started the dress search and don’t have a budget laid out, do that now! You will be thankful later when a consultant asks and you can confidently try on gowns without worrying about price. The goal is to focus in on the way the dress makes you feel and not how it will harm your wallet!

BONUS: Just take it all in!

This is it, sister, you are looking for the dress to marry your sweetie in. It’s that moment that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Slow down and let it sit in. Take a few weeks off from the search, don’t spend hours on Pinterest staring at women that aren’t you. You’ll find that dress and you’ll look beautiful no matter what.