Your Bridal Appointment: 6 Essentials You Absolutely Need

Your Bridal Appointment: 6 Essentials You Absolutely Need

Your Bridal Appointment: 6 Essentials You Absolutely Need. Mobile Image

Jul 01, 2019

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is an intense mixture of emotions! You are excited and nervous all at the same time. You’ve probably been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl, and you want it to go just right.


With so many things to consider as you step into the shop to find your unique and perfect dress, the last thing that’s on your mind is the things you should be bringing with you to your appointment. On top of that, you’ve never done this before! So how would you even know what to bring?

That’s where we are here to help! We’ve come up with a list of 6 essential items to bring to your bridal appointment. Having these things will make the appointment (and your life) so much easier as you search for that one of a kind dream dress!

Read on to see what these six items are!


Dress Ideas / Pictures

The options for dresses can be overwhelming! There are so many different styles, and within each style there are hundreds of options for straps, sleeves, decor and materials. It can be extremely stressful if you don’t have the first clue about what types of dresses you’d like to try on or which dress options are your favorites!


We recommend getting inspiration! Check out magazines, go on Pinterest, or just browse our site to start getting ideas and pulling pictures of dresses you think you’d like to try out! This will make things go much smoother on your bridal appointment day!


Accessories you know you want to use (belt, veil, etc.)

Do you have a special veil that has been passed down in your family? What about a head piece that you fell in love with or a decorative necklace you know you’d like to wear on the big day?


If you have any extra pieces that you just know you’d like to incorporate into your look, then we suggest bringing them for your bridal appointment. That way, you can see how they look with the dresses that you try on! It could be the deciding factor in what dress you end up with.



It’s best to bring the shoes that you will be wearing on the day of, or a similar pair to what you plan to wear. It’s not as important to have the actual pair at your bridal appointment, but it is an absolute must to have them at your final fitting.


Either way, having your shoes can also help you in choosing the right dress! It gives you an idea of what the dress will look like with shoes, the height you will have on the big day and just the overall complete look.



Undergarments can completely change the way a dress looks on you and fits you! So, it’s extremely important to wear the correct undergarments to your fitting. This is especially helpful for getting an idea of how a dress will look on you the day of. 


For example, if you’ll be wearing a strapless dress, you definitely don’t want to be trying it on with a sports bra! It’s hard to get a true idea and feeling for the dress, unless you have the correct undergarments for that dress.


Hair Ties

As most of us ladies know, trying on clothes can be quite the workout! Although we keep our store very comfortable, chances are you may get a bit warm as you put on and take off dresses. Having a hair tie is a great idea! You can just toss your hair up and out of your face, if you start to feel a bit warm.


It also helps you to get hair ideas as you try on dresses. You can pull your hair back in a low bun or throw it up in an up do to see what type of hairstyle you’d like or which hairstyles would look the best with different dresses!


Your most trusted bride tribe!

Last but certainly not least… bring your tribe! Not only is this a fun opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime, but you’ll be needing the opinions of your most trusted gals! They know you inside and out and they will just know it when they see thee dress on you. 


So, there you have it! The 6 most important things to bring to your bridal appointment. Being prepared and bringing these things will ensure that your experience will be so much easier and stress free. 


Choosing your dress is a huge step in wedding planning and once you have this step checked off your list, things start to get real. Let’s make this step easy and fun! We can’t wait to see what dress will make you say, “Yes!”