The Perfect Wedding Dress for Each Season

The Perfect Wedding Dress for Each Season

The Perfect Wedding Dress for Each Season. Mobile Image

Jan 10, 2019

Whether you're getting hitched in the warm summer sun or tying the knot on a cold winter afternoon, you will need a bridal gown to fit the occassion. Many brides don't consider the season when dress shopping and end up wearing a sleeveless dress in the middle of winter! This guide should help you find the perfect wedding dress for any season!

Spring: Sleeveless and Pastels

Flowers are blooming and the air is warming! Spring brides tend to wear dresses with a keyhole back or sleeveless straps. The dress is usually parallel to colorful bridesmaids and fresh flowers.

Summer: Strapless Sweetheart

The days are long and the heat is up! For both practicality and style, dresses featured in the summer are strapless and sweet. Often times, summertime brides can be found in light, flowy dresses that allow breath-ability. 

Fall: Cap Sleeve Romance

Dark romantic colors and cooler temperatures, brides in the fall tend to wear cap and quarter sleeve through a season of transition. After golden hour photos, a bride may be seen with a plaid pashmina to keep her warm.

Winter: Long-Sleeved Winter Princess

The weather is frosty, the mood is cozy, and the colors are light. It’s winter time and warmth is the main concern. Winter wedding dresses are most practical as a long sleeve with jewels and embellishments. Some brides will wear a scarf or sweater alongside the dress to ensure warmth.