The Top 6 Wedding Trends for Fall 2023

The Top 6 Wedding Trends for Fall 2023

The Top 6 Wedding Trends for Fall 2023. Mobile Image

Dec 27, 2022

If traditional spring and summer weddings just aren’t your style, fall just may be the perfect time to tie the knot. Moodier, bolder, and more rustic than warmer months, fall weddings gather their inspiration from the rich colors of the changing leaves and the warm spices that flavor your favorite holiday foods.

When most people think “fall wedding,” they probably picture a quaint, cozy aesthetic, drawing inspiration from both nature and fantasy alike. However, fall weddings can be so much more! And as we look ahead to the fall of 2023, here are the most significant trends we’re seeing!


1. Destination Weddings

As COVID restrictions have decreased over the last year, weddings have seen an increase in size and scope—expect that trend to continue well into 2023. Weddings are predicted to become more extravagant and expensive like they were pre-pandemic.

With travel guidelines loosening, keep your eyes peeled for an uptick in destination weddings, especially at scenic October hot spots like upstate New York, the Cotswolds in England, or the Ozark Mountains, where fall foliage comes alive during the autumnal months, painting a picturesque landscape like no other!


Photo: Julieta Amezcua


2. Whimsical, Fairytale Lighting

Fall marks the start of spooky season, and nothing quite highlights Halloween's mystery and fantasy like moody candles and whimsical lights. Think Hogwarts meets Snow White. Floating lights, flickering candles, and fantasy elements create a romantic setting, illuminating the venue as the sun sets.


Photo: White on Black Studio


3. Dark, Bold, and Rustic Colors

Fall is the perfect time to go bold or go home. This less traditional wedding time offers the ideal chance to make a statement with your color palette. Reds, burgundies, coppers, and other warm neutrals add a moody, dark, romantic element to wedding décor. For some color inspiration, check out Pantone’s 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta.


Photo: Sara Fitz


4. Coastal Grandma Florals

One of the biggest and most unexpected fashion trends of 2022 was coastal Grandma chic (think Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give). Last year, we also saw an uptick in dried wedding floral arrangements such as pampas grass and thistles, with some influencers going so far as to install Pampas Grass Christmas trees (TBD if this maybe-fire-hazard-trend has burned anyone’s house down yet). All that to say, expect fall 2023 weddings to draw inspiration from more muted, coastal-inspired colors.