The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts: How to Personalize Gifts so Your Girls can Use Them Again

The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts: How to Personalize Gifts so Your Girls can Use Them Again

The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts: How to Personalize Gifts so Your Girls can Use Them Again. Mobile Image

Jun 06, 2022

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Spending your wedding day beside your best gals can create the best memories—ones you’ll want to look back on for years to come. Looking for a gift to show your love doesn’t have to be complicated! When you’re searching for a gift to give your bridesmaids, it’s easy to pick a few “standard” items that are cute AND have a functional purpose for your wedding day; a robe, a spa set, or their favorite candies to enjoy while you get ready. But, how can you make your gifts even more special? Personalize them! We’ve found five easy ways to personalize your bridesmaids’ gifts so your girls can use them again.



Personalized Tote Bag




Photo: TOPDesign / Amazon


A tote bag is a perfect way to carry all your bridesmaids’ wedding day necessities! They’ll look good while keeping their belongings separate in the hustle and bustle of your big day.


Pro tip: Instead of something embroidered with “bridesmaid” or “maid of honor,” try a bag with their name or initials on it! It’ll be a sweet reminder of fun times when they use the bag later!


Find this initial tote here.



A Framed Photograph



Photo: Aivorin / Amazon


In this day and age, everything is on our cell phones or computers. All our memories, pictures, and even the most heartfelt words we say to one another are kept behind a screen. Giving a framed photograph of you and your bridesmaid is a tangible keepsake and reminder of your friendship. You can take this gift one step further by writing a personal note on the back of your photo. This allows the frame to be displayed later and gives your gift the perfect, personal touch.


Grab this gorgeous rose gold frame here.



Personalized Tumbler



Photo: AVITO / Amazon


A set of matching cups or tumblers is a popular bridesmaid gift—with good reason! Something about a matching cup and straw just feels aesthetic. Plus, it’ll bring out your group’s inner VCSO girl. Instead of just gifting a different color cup to each friend, add their name or nickname for a personal touch. You can even take this gift a step further by including their favorite drink of choice.


Laser Engraved Tumblers here.



Simple Jewelry



Photo: Ariel Taub / The Poinsett Bride


If you’re a bride that prefers your bridesmaids to look completely uniform, an engraved necklace is an easy way to personalize their jewelry for your wedding day! Classic knot jewelry is a staple for bridal party gifts, but a small, engraved necklace is also simple and beautiful. Giving your girls simple jewelry ensures they have a piece they can use again and again.


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Cosmetic/Toiletry Bag



Photo: HundredHearts / Etsy


This gift is simple and practical, yet thoughtful. As women, we know we have to be prepared for anything life (and Mother Nature) throws our way. You never know, putting together a small bag of day-of toiletries can end up saving the day.


Pro tip: Instead of a plain drawstring or canvas bag, a personalized zip-pouch bag will seal the deal on a memorable gift.


Find your perfect, personalized bag on Etsy.



Final Thoughts


At the end of the day, spending this time with your besties on your wedding day is what will make the memories count. But, with an extra thoughtful touch, it’ll be a little reminder of your friendship every time they’re able to reuse their bridesmaid gift!


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