The 4 Most Important Things to Think About Before Your Bridal Appointment

The 4 Most Important Things to Think About Before Your Bridal Appointment

The 4 Most Important Things to Think About Before Your Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

Jul 31, 2020

You’re recently engaged! YAY! This is such an exciting time. We’d be surprised if dress shopping wasn’t one of the first things on your mind, as it should be.

We want your shopping experience to be one of your favorite memories leading up to your wedding day. So, before you get to your bridal appointment, here are some things you definitely need to know to make the most of your dream dress shopping experience—

When to Book Your Appointment

First, it’s so important to note that most new gowns take 5-6 months to arrive after your order. Then most brides need 2-3 months for alterations (Here’s a detailed blog of our alterations timeline).

All that said, we encourage most brides to start shopping 10-12 months before their wedding date to make sure their dress is in perfect condition! So, depending on your desired engagement length, it’s best to start shopping as soon as possible to give yourself the most options!

As always, we have plenty of options for our quick engagement brides. So don’t let all that deter you. We’d love to let you know about all of our options. All you have to do is call the shop or shoot us an email.

What to Wear That Day

Dreaming of that “I Said Yes! To The Dress” group photo? What are you wearing in it? We want you to feel comfortable and like “you,” because after all, you’re beautiful.

A couple tips on your bridal appointment outfit— we do recommend something that’s easy to slip on and off in the dressing room (stay away from too many buttons or tight clothing). For your undergarments, we definitely suggest nude colors and nothing you’d feel uncomfortable being in with the stylist.

Who To Bring With You

Alright, now that you know what you’re wearing, let’s talk #squadgoals. Whether you bring 1 person or a few people, it’s so important to make sure they’re all people who are FOR you and are there to lift you up! Weddings can come with so many opinions and expectations from all sorts of people. It’s hard to avoid... but on dress shopping day, you get to decide who’s there!  We recommend bringing no more than 3 people with you. So, no guilt-induced invites—make them the 3 people whose opinion you trust the most and who you  trust to have your back and support your preferences. And, always keep in mind that opinions can be helpful, but the most important opinion is YOURS!

What Styles To Try On

We’re almost positive you’ve been browsing bridal magazines, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards for weeks getting #inspo for your bridal appointment. That’s awesome! Definitely come with ideas of what silhouettes and styles you’d like to try on!

When thinking of dress styles, take some time to picture your wedding day. Is it outside? Is it in the heat of the Summer? Are you planning to dance the night away? The answer to these questions will be vital in your dress decision. You want to make sure the dress you choose will fit in with how you picture your dream wedding day going.

Also, it’s important to come with an open mind. We’ve seen brides-to-be go in a totally different direction once they see the gowns on their specific frame. Our expert bridal stylists will be there with you every step of the way, helping you find the dress that’s not only the vibe you love, but also makes you feel EXACTLY how you should feel on your wedding day— perfect.


Thanks for reading! We hope this helps. Being prepared gives you a better chance at finding the perfect dress and saying “Yes!” at your bridal appointment. We’d love to answer any questions you have and we can’t wait to help you find your dream dress!

Photography by: Corey Johnson Studios