Old, New, Borrowed, Blue – Tips to Personalize This Fun Tradition For Your Wedding

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue – Tips to Personalize This Fun Tradition For Your Wedding

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue – Tips to Personalize This Fun Tradition For Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Dec 12, 2019

We absolutely love the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! But we wonder how many people actually know the background of this custom.

So we're breaking down tidbits behind each element of this fun tradition, and we've also gathered a handful of tips and trends for how to incorporate them into your wedding! We hope you find some great ideas.

Something Old

This represents the bride's past, where she comes from, and continuity with her family. Here are some ways you can incorporate items that have deep meaning and sentimentality into your special day:

  • Sew a piece of a loved one’s shirt, dress or other article of clothing inside your wedding dress, often close to your heart. One time we had a bride who’s father had passed away, so they brought in one of his favorite shirts, and we cut a heart out of it and sewed into the bodice of her wedding gown – over her heart – so she would have a little part of her father with her on her special day.
  • Sew your grandmother’s and mother’s monogram and wedding date inside the hem of your dress, possibly along with the bride’s monogram and wedding date.
  • Take lace or some other fabric from your mother’s or grandmother’s dress and add it to your hem and/or train.
  • Update a loved one’s old wedding dress or veil to be a more current fashion.
  • Add a locket to your bouquet with photos of loved ones no longer with us
  • Take some photos with and in an old car from a loved one
  • Take a loved one’s veil or dress and use it to make a garter, handkerchief or other items to be carried down the aisle
  • Write special memories or have mementos from a first date and tuck them into your bouquet
  • Use your loved one’s wedding champagne glasses for your first toast
  • Incorporate a loved one’s broach into the bouquet

Something New

This symbolizes good luck, success, and hopes for a bright future to come for your new life with your partner. Of course, your dress and/or veil can be your something new, but here are a few ideas of different ways to work in Something New:

  • Incorporate a gift from the groom into your bouquet or your accessories for the day
  • Have your new monogram embroidered and sewn into the wedding dress
  • Have a new tie clip engraved and given to the groom to wear
  • Special new undergarments or lingerie
  • A new bible embossed with your new married name
  • New jewelry

Something Borrowed

This represents that friends and family members will be there for your on special day but also, in the future when help is ever needed! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Pearls borrowed from either side of the family to wear for the wedding
  • A favorite quote from an author you love to be “borrowed” for your vows
  • A Bible or favorite book from loved ones to hold rings for the ring bearer
  • Borrow a song – have your parents’ or close friends’ first dance played at your wedding dance
  • Borrow heirloom jewelry or a veil from a friend or family member to wear on your special day
  • Borrow items to be incorporated into center pieces for the tables at the reception

Something Blue

This symbolizes faithfulness, purity, and loyalty. We happen to love these ideas:

  • One of our favorites – BLUE SHOES!!
  • Napkins with quotes from bride/groom written in blue
  • Blue jewelry
  • Blue garter
  • Blue bridesmaid dresses and/or vests and ties
  • Blue wedding koozies
  • Blue bride and/or bridesmaid robes
  • Make a specialty cocktail that's blue (yum!)
  • Reception name cards in blue
  • Have a blue veil
  • Wear a belt that has small blue stones incorporated into it

So tell us, what are some of your favorite Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue items? Did you have any of our ideas incorporated into your wedding day?

Photography by: Noveli Wedding Photography