Must Have Items for Your Final Dress Fitting

Must Have Items for Your Final Dress Fitting

Must Have Items for Your Final Dress Fitting. Mobile Image

Jul 02, 2019

Your big day is getting so close! You’ve picked the perfect dress, had the alterations, and you’re reading to go in for your final fitting. Everything is on track and it’s all going to be so perfect. It will be, but just to make sure things go absolutely flawless, let’s make sure you don’t forget some major things to bring to your final fitting.

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When it comes to trying on your dress at your final fitting, you want to make sure that the fitting is as close to how the dress will be worn on the actual day as it can be. You will want to remember any and all of the big pieces that you’ll also be wearing on the big day!

Here are the most important things that we advise our brides to bring to their final fittings.


Your Wedding Shoes 

It’s important to bring in the exact shoes that you plan to wear on the special day, so that we make sure to get the hem line JUST right for you! This also gives you a great opportunity to see how the shoes will go with the overall look and practice walking around and breaking them. No one wants you to have any blisters on your special day!


The right undergarments

Strapless gown? Fitted mermaid? Sheath? Any special bra or shape wear you need for your wedding day needs to come with you for your fitting appointment. 


A hair tie

We keep it as comfortable as possible for our brides, but sometimes it may get a little warm while your dress is being pinned. Prepare by bringing along a hair tie to pull your hair up and out of your face. This could also help our ladies give you some hair style suggestions if you're going for a low bun or updo and try out a few veil options or possibly even a headpiece!


Any important extra pieces you will be using with your dress on day of (belt, pin, veil etc.)

If you plan to add a piece or use something special with the dress, such as a belt or veil,  it can be helpful to bring it to your final fitting so that you have an idea of how it will go with the dress. That way you can make sure you like how everything fits together, or we can plan any final changes if they need to be made!


Your mom, sister, your best friend, or your maid of honor

Whomever you choose, bring along (at least) one of your special ladies, not just for the company, but to learn how your dress is being bustled on the day of your wedding. As much as we'd love to, we won't be able to help you bustle your wedding dress when it's time to party--they'll need to learn how to bustle your dress. The bustle could be complicated and it's best to have someone there to learn it instead of trying to teach them the day of!


Other important things to note:


Make sure you’ve eaten something and drink lots of water

Appointments can be about an hour long and the last thing you need to be is HANGRY. We recommend to eat something light (to avoid bloating & tiredness) but filling. Don't starve yourself! Feeding yourself normally throughout your fittings will help the alterations team get a great feel for your body & give you a bit of wiggle room.


Still not exactly sure what specific items you need?

Our seamstress-designers can help you! They'll let you know what you need to prepare you for your next fitting appointment. Just ask!

Heading in for your final fitting on your dress is so exciting. It means that things are getting really REAL and your big day is quickly approaching. We know how many things you are trying to juggle as you make all of those last minute preparations. We want to make things as painless and hassle-free as possible.

Bringing the must have items with you to your final dress fitting is sure to make your day that much easier and worry free. Then, you can walk out of the appointment knowing your dress is going to be absolutely perfect for your big day!