How to Look Like Meghan Markle on Your Wedding Day

How to Look Like Meghan Markle on Your Wedding Day

How to Look Like Meghan Markle on Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Nov 15, 2018

There’s no doubt about it, Meghan Markle looked stunning on her wedding day. As tradition would allow it, we're all dreaming of how to recreate this look.

Here are some tips to incorporate elements of Meghan Markle's wedding look into your own special day.

The Dress

Meghan’s choice in a wedding dress was stunning, no doubt! But, not everyone can afford her $136,000 Givenchy gown. Here are the elements you need to look for to recreate this signature look:

  • wide boat neck
  • ¾ sleeves
  • clean lines
Meghan Markle Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses to Help You Achieve This Look

Justin Alexander Meghan Markle Wedding Dress

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander

Romona Keveza Meghan Markle


Pronovias Meghan Markle Wedding Dress


Meghan Markle Wedding Veil

The Veil

Meghan had a fabulous 16-foot silk cathedral-style veil with hand embroidery detailing along the edges that took 500 hours.

Although you may not need a flower to represent the 53 commonwealths, a simple way for you to recreate this look for your wedding day would be to look for a long veil with embroidery or lace detailing.

here's something fun:

Meghan's "Something Blue" was a small piece of blue fabric sown into her veil. How is that significant? It came from the dress she wore on her 1st date with Harry.


The Tiara

"When it came to the tiara on the day, I was very fortunate to be able to chose this gorgeous art deco style bandeau tiara"

To choose her wedding day tiara, Meghan visited Queen Elizabeth to make her choice: the bandeau tiara worn by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth's grandmother.

The Queen Mary's bandeau tiara features large and small diamonds, and the center stone of the piece is actually a brooch.

Recreate this look

If your royal great-great-grandmother's tiara isn't exactly available, you can create a similar feel by choosing a stunning headpiece. Some of our favorites come from designer Ariel Taub.

Wedding Tiara Headpiece Meghan Markle