Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gown Preservation

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gown Preservation

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gown Preservation. Mobile Image

When planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in all the details. The venue, the dress, the flowers, the guest list, and more. One detail you may not have thought of is the preservation of your special dress after your wedding. Do you have a plan for what will happen to your gown after the big event? If not, we’re here to help. 😊



Don’t Let Your Dress Be An Afterthought


So you found the dress, you had it perfectly altered, you picked it up and then married your best friend in it! You had the time of your life. Now you’re off to your Honeymoon...do you know where your dress is headed?


Many brides let their gown sit in their closet or in a bag for months after the wedding before giving it another thought. After your wedding, your gown is out of sight and out of mind, while your new marriage is the priority! Of course it is. And that's a great thing! So make a plan before your wedding for who will get your dress after your reception and where it will be kept, so it isn’t accidentally overlooked down the line. 



So What’s The Big Deal About Gown Preservation?


One of the greatest investments you make toward your wedding day is your dress. You spent time finding it, and you spent that extra buck getting it fitted to perfection! You may only plan to wear it one time, but it is so worth it to preserve in order to keep its unique, delicate, gorgeous white (or off-white!) material looking its best for years to come.


Imagine years from now, you are reliving your wedding day. Your daughter, your niece, or even granddaughter asks you about that day… about all the details… about the dress. You let her know how beautiful you felt long ago wearing it. Preserving your dress and having it stored away would make this moment even more beautiful because you can actually show it to her. Hey, she may even decide to wear it on her big day! How special?



Trust the Process


Wedding gown preservation includes the cleaning process of removing any stains from even the most delicate materials (AKA your silk, satin, lace, or chiffon dress). The process is meticulous, and each gown is personally cared for in order to preserve your dress into a family heirloom.


Stains from the big day show up more clearly over time, like dirt from the dance floor or the champagne that spilled when you weren’t looking. Preservation will keep these imperfections from becoming visible over the years.


Then, your gown is placed in a special preservation box so you can keep it safely secured for as long as you need to, ideally in a window box, so you can still see your gorgeous dress safely stored inside!  Have a veil, handkerchief, garter or other special mementos?  Some wedding gown preservation companies include small items like this for no additional charge!



Final Thoughts


Make sure to add Wedding Dress Preservation to your wedding checklist and budget now, so you won’t have to worry about it later. Make a plan and enjoy your wedding day stress free!


If you are interested in having your dress cleaned and preserved for your daughter or other family members to treasure for generations, we would love to help you do that!


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