A Gift Guide For the Sweet Bride In Your Life

A Gift Guide For the Sweet Bride In Your Life

A Gift Guide For the Sweet Bride In Your Life. Mobile Image

Jun 22, 2021

Weddings are exciting for everyone, especially for the bride! Whether for a bride-to-be or a newlywed, a special gift can stir up extra excitement during the newness of this season. As wedding gifts start rolling in for the happy couple, a thoughtful gift specifically chosen for the bride can encourage her to pause and take in every moment of this significant time in her life. If you’re not sure what to gift the bride in your life, we’ve put together a few ideas for inspiration!

Gifts for the Wedding Day


As the Mother of the Bride, a bridesmaid, or even the Groom, you have the opportunity to create a special moment with the Bride on her wedding day. Gifting the Bride a keepsake can create a cherished memory for her big day, and one she will remember forever. A simple gift of jewelry with the Bride’s new initials or her birthstone is a lasting memento. Whether a necklace, a set of dainty earrings, or a charm for her bracelet, you really can’t go wrong. Remember, you know the Bride best, so trust your instincts.


Personalized Keepsakes


The honeymoon phase is a delightful chapter for the new Mrs., and is an opportune time for you to join in on the excitement. Whether for a bride or a newlywed, personalized keepsakes are the perfect bridal gift. Consider her lifestyle. For the bride who loves to travel, a cute tote bag or beach hat with her new last name or monogram would be a great choice. A trendy bride may enjoy a sweatshirt that says “wifey,” or even a cool dad hat (AKA: A vintage baseball cap). Coffee mugs and wine glasses are also winners for many brides. Consider her personality, and find her something to match!


New Last Name and Monogram


The best time to start changing up the bride’s new monogram is before the wedding. This cultivates anticipation around all the changes she is experiencing during this season. You can add a monogram to almost anything, so check out Etsy for some awesome custom ideas. A jewelry dish for her ring, a satin robe, or a hanger for her wedding gown are all amazing customized gifts. 


Unique Gifts


If you want to find the bride something a little more creative, there are several fun options out there! A painted print of the happy couple, or a print of their first home together would be very special. A family heirloom, like a charm, a handkerchief, or a jewelry box are unique gifts the bride will treasure.


Final Thoughts


Weddings are full of special moments, and it can all go by so quickly. A bridal gift is a sweet sentiment that can be cherished forever. When choosing a gift for the bride, just remember, you know her best. Go with your gut, and have fun with it!