6 Signs You Found Your Dream Wedding Dress

6 Signs You Found Your Dream Wedding Dress

6 Signs You Found Your Dream Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Apr 20, 2020

There are so many styles and fits of wedding dresses to choose from -- maybe you feel overwhelmed trying to narrow it down. Or maybe you’ve had your eyes locked on a certain style, and your heart is just set on it. No matter which side you’re on, if you make an appointment at The Poinsett Bride, our expert stylists will be here to help you every step of the way - either in-person, or virtually.


Once you narrow down what style and shape you are interested in trying on, how do you know when you’ve found THE dress? Here are some tried and true ways to know:

1. You’re Comfortable Enough To Wear it All Day

The look and style of a dress definitely matters, but it’s equally important that you feel comfortable in it on your big day. After all, you’ll be wearing it all day long, and then you might even be dancing the night away in it!

Before you go to your appointment, make a mental note of what factors will be your highest priority on your wedding day! Is it important to you to be able to move around easily, dance, and/or hug your family and friends? Knowing the answers to these questions will help a ton during your appointment.

While trying on a dress, ask yourself what is your comfort level based on:  fit, the fabric, weight, movability, and/or silhouette of the gown?


2. You Feel Beautiful In It

When we talk about how important it is to feel comfortable in your dress, we aren’t just talking about material or style— we’re also talking about being comfortable in your own skin. A great way to know you found the right dress is that you love how it makes you look, and it makes you FEEL as beautiful as you look!  A comfortable bride is a confident bride, and a confident bride is a beautiful bride!


3. It Makes You Feel Like YOU

Your wedding gown is the most self-expressive garment you will ever wear. It is SO important for you to feel like your true self in the gown you choose. After all, you’ll have pictures of you wearing it for the rest of your life! There are so many beautiful gowns out there, so if a gown makes you feel like you’re trying to be something you’re not, then it isn’t the right one for you.

This is where it’s important to not let outside influences overly impact your decision. A scenario we’ve seen in the past is a disconnect between a mother’s, a sister’s or a friend’s idea of a dream dress for her daughter/sister/friend, and the bride’s own preference. At the end of the day, you have to listen to yourself and choose the gown that YOU love.


4. You Don’t Want to Take it Off

A good sign you may have found the perfect dress is you don’t want to take it off... you just want five. more. minutes. in it. This is usually an indication that it’s the gown of your dreams! But please, we just ask that you fight the urge to walk out of the store wearing the gown! We don’t want to have to call the police on any of our brides... ?


5. It’s In Your Budget

We have to mention the budget! It’s a good idea to only try on dresses within your budget, because we hate to see a bride fall in love with a dress that isn’t possible for them. (Additional note: when setting the maximum you’re willing to spend, it’s important to consider additional costs needed to complete your look, like alterations & accessories such as shoes, a veil, jewelry, etc.)

But listen, we believe that budget doesn’t have to be a negative word! We have so many beautiful dresses in every style, for every bride’s budget. However, if there happens to be a dress you just can’t get out of your mind that is outside of your price range, keep in mind that you may be able to make adjustments in other areas of your wedding budget to make it happen. These are important things to think about!


6. You Want To Try On A Veil

Speaking of spending more time in the dress, once you’re ready to try on a veil, you’ll know you’ve probably found a dress worth keeping. You don’t try on a veil with just any dress… the veil comes out when you have that special feeling.  (Even if you ultimately decide you don’t want to wear a veil on your big day, go ahead and try one on with THE dress. When else do you ever get the opportunity to wear a veil??? It’s so fun!!!)

And if that extra touch doesn’t affirm your opinion, you can always keep shopping! But if it does, that’s when you know you’ve found it!



We’d love love love to help you find “The One.” It’s an honor to do what we do. Every day we get the privilege of helping brides find a beautiful gown that is just right for them. Give us a call at (864) 241-0730 or Book Now right here on our website!