4 Current Wedding Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

4 Current Wedding Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

4 Current Wedding Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of. Mobile Image

Nov 16, 2020

We may be biased, but we think finding your wedding dress is the best moment during wedding planning! While everything else can be somewhat stressful, you get to take a day to spend with friends or family, try on beautiful gowns, share a special moment with your tribe, toast to champaign, maybe shed a few happy tears, and to picture your groom seeing you in your gown for the first time!


We know you have so many to-dos to take care of before your big day. Since you have a lot of planning to do, we wanted to start a series of wedding trend blogs to help out all of our Upstate brides in the planning process. We’re putting together a list of lovely things we’ve noticed trending in weddings and passing them along to you, because sharing is caring. ❤️


Here are some current trends we absolutely love:


1. Pampas Grass


Whether it’s in the bouquet or decor, pampas grass is a huge trend we are seeing for 2020, and we absolutely love the texture it adds! Pampas grass is the perfect decor trend for our boho brides. (Pro tip: Make sure to pay special attention to the rest of the photos in this blog. You’ll see a few other great ways to use pampas grass!)


Sophie Brendle Photography


2. Textured Bouquets


Texture, texture, texture! Whether they’re neutral or full of bold colors, this year’s bouquets often include pampas grass, greenery, and other unique additions. The perfect trendy bouquet for 2020 is filled with unique textures that compliment your dream dress and your unique style.


Mari Sabra Photography


3. Floral and Geometric Arches


Floral and geometric arches are in, y’all... and we couldn’t love them more. No matter where you’re getting married— a church, a backyard, a field, an urban venue, or anywhere else, these arches make the perfect backdrop to share your vows and your first kiss as husband and wife!


Emma League Photography


4. Neon Signs


We love the idea of using your new shared last name or your favorite song lyrics as a piece of art for your reception! It’s a great backdrop for that perfect Instagram wedding photo, plus you can also put the neon sign in your new home.


JoyNeon on Etsy




We hope you got some great inspo for your upcoming wedding from this list! Once you’re done stalking Pinterest to save all the trendy things, book an appointment to find your dream wedding dress with us! Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know on everything going on here at The Poinsett Bride.