2019 Fall Fashion Trends

2019 Fall Fashion Trends

2019 Fall Fashion Trends. Mobile Image

Oct 11, 2019

There are so many details to consider in planning your wedding, starting with selecting a venue and color scheme and going down to party favors and place settings. But every one knows that the most important detail--the centerpiece of a wedding--is the dress! 

Every bride wants to find a dress that suits their individual style and gives guests something to talk about. Our stylists aim to help each bride find their dream dress that is timeless, yet on trend. After attending Bridal Fashion Weeks, Wedding Trade Shows, and Designer Showcases, we have gathered a handful of the top trends in wedding gowns, and you are going to love a few of these!

Dresses with Pockets

Social media can perpetuate division, but one thing every woman seems to agree on is that every dress should have pockets. I mean, right? Wedding designers are bringing this in and the results are awesome. Fashion. Function. Done and done!



Capes & Wraps

This fashion forward trend will make you feel like royalty. Plus, with cooler weather coming, this can be a practical solution to keep you comfortable on your big day.



With Fall and Winter temperatures, this is another trend that puts the fun in functional. Honestly, sleeved wedding gowns just add an elegance and sophistication. Plus, you’ll be warm AND there will be no pulling-up-your-dress or worrying about it falling down on the dance floor. Win-win.


Sheer & Chiffon

Speaking of sleeves, sheer sleeves and necklines are IN and we are loving it. We’re seeing sheer with floral and lace embellishments in all sorts of combinations from full dress, to just bodice, to neckline, sleeves, or all of the above. It’s a beautiful, yet still classy illusion, and so fun!


All-over Sparkle

This trend is hands-down the most mesmerizing one we have found. Whether using metallic embellishments, over-the-top sequins, or traditional glitter, this look is bold and sophisticated.


So tell us, what’s your favorite Fall fashion trend?