10 Things You Could Have Forgotten For Your Wedding Day, But Now You Won’t

10 Things You Could Have Forgotten For Your Wedding Day, But Now You Won’t

10 Things You Could Have Forgotten For Your Wedding Day, But Now You Won’t. Mobile Image

Nov 08, 2019

It seems like no matter how much you plan for a trip or vacation, there’s always that one thing you forget to pack. Phone charger? Hair brush? Noooo. Not the brush!


Getting ready for your wedding day is no different, and most likely you’re planning for your wedding day AND packing for your honeymoon at the same time. No fear. We’re here with a list of things that most couples forget, but now you won't!


1. Getting-Ready Clothes

Don’t forget something to wear while you’re getting your hair and makeup done. If there will be a photographer there, you’ll want whatever you choose to look nice in a photo. Also keep in mind that a button-down or robe will be the best choice— that way there’s no chance what you’re wearing will ruin your hair or makeup as you take it off.


2. A Day-Of Point Person

You’ll have plenty on your mind the day of your wedding, so it’s important to be in charge of as little as possible. As much as you can, just relax and soak up the moment! Pick a point person, whether a family member, friend, or a professional wedding coordinator to be the one fielding questions from vendors, managing the day-of timeline, and dealing with emergencies. Just make sure that all of your vendors, wedding party, and family members know the name and number of your point person.


3. Wedding Dress / Tuxedo Deliverer

This could also be your day-of point person, or maybe you’re the only one you trust with your dress. Either way, whoever you choose to make sure your dress makes it to the venue on that day is a big deal! Oh, and make sure you have a friend or family member to return a rented tuxedo so you don’t get charged!


4. Vendor Contact Info

Speaking of a point person, make sure they have a list of contact info for all of your wedding vendors. This is so important! In case there is a no-show or issue with a vendor finding the venue, communication should be open between your point person and vendors to minimize these types of issues.


5. Food and Water

It may seem silly that we have to say it… but EAT. And more importantly… DRINK WATER. You’ll be standing a LOT on your wedding day, so stay make sure you stay hydrated and pack in some protein to make it through the long day. The last thing you want is to get too weak or tired to dance the night away! And you definitely don’t want that champagne toast hitting too hard due to an empty stomach. Ask a relative, wedding party member, or coordinator to make sure you get food and water at certain times. It’ll make all the difference.


6. The Marriage License

Don’t forget to make it legal! Assign someone to be in charge of that oh-so-important document until after you say, “I do!”


7. A Do-Not-Play List for Your DJ

If you’re a Type-A bride, we’re sure you already have a thoughtfully crafted playlist for your DJ weeks ahead of time and delivered it in the exact order you want it to be played.... We get it. However, if you’re not as picky, but still have a few “do-not-play” songs, like maybe your song with an ex, or songs too inappropriate for your conservative grandma, let the DJ know in advance to minimize awkwardness.


8. Designate Someone to Gather Up Gifts and Decor

You may want to grab the envelopes on your gift table in case there’s any cash you can use on your honeymoon, but for everything else, assign someone you trust to gather the gifts and decor to take them back to your place so they’ll be there, ready to rip open right when you get back!


9. An Overnight Bag / Change of Clothing

You’re going to want an overnight bag (separate from honeymoon luggage) with any lingerie or pajamas to wear at the hotel for your wedding night! If your family practices a traditional morning-after brunch, make sure you also pack appropriate clothes to wear to that, as well as to travel off to your honeymoon!


10. Cash and IDs

You never know how your wedding night will go, so make sure that you have a small purse or clutch with some cash and your ID just in case you and your honey decide to hit the town with your bridal party. If you’re headed straight to your hotel, the IDs will be necessary for check-in. Just put one of your wedding party members in charge of holding onto it during the wedding, and make sure they’re ready to hand it back to you as you head off to your night out, to your hotel, or off to your amazing honeymoon.


Final Thoughts


Whew. That kind of stressed us out even THINKING about forgetting some of those things.  But hey, we're happy to go through that so you don't have to. Happy wedding planning!